Crazy Horse The Crazy Horse concepts

by Paul Skelton

Crazy Horse

I consider myself as the new boy on the scene of Radio, having absolutely no prior experience in this industry, no prior experience in music, I hadn’t even been in a Church Choir, or sing in the bath.

I always tell people, I find it hard to hide in a crowd, as those who pass me in the street will know, and probably think, “Who the devil is that, is he on medication?”

The answer to that is a definite “No!” I like to think of myself as pretty unique and certainly the creative type, and definitely class that as one of my strengths.

My real job, when I was working full time was a teacher of Engineering, Resistant Materials, Craft Design Technology, or whatever they are calling it now, the names keep changing, but the job is more or less the same, to bring out the creativity in the students that have come my way.

With no previous experience in Radio but enjoying new challenges I now put my creativity together in a show I call “The Crazy Horse Concept.” That goes out on Mondays at 6 in the evening, repeated on the following Thursday between 17.00 and 18.00, then again Friday at Midnight to 1 in the morning, and lastly on Saturday between 2 and 3 in the morning. Crazy, isn't it? Each show is in the style of a Concept Album, a bit like Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, The Who’s Tommy, or indeed Rick Wakeman's "Journey to the Centre of the Earth," and each week has a totally different theme. Themes such as Space Travel, Loneliness, Gambling, or even Road Kill, no topic is off limits for me.

I also put together the Number 1 Show and similar in style the Number 2 Show. They do exactly what they say in the title and play nothing but number 1 or number 2 hits through the ages from 1952 when the charts started till today.

But, with everything I am currently doing for DCR I have certainly got my hands on the Donkey Work, being responsible for this web site, and the technicalities of a our broadcasting programme, hopefully the end product doesn’t look like a cowboy has put it together. But it does have its unique style, very similar to my other passion, the History of Public Houses in Kent.