Jon Sandford

Born in Dover, educated at St Edmunds Roman Catholic secondary School.

During my 6th year there I was released to help with the running if the new Dover Educational TV studio.

I left school and worked for a national TV company in London learning to produce TV programmes.

Set up own video production company in Dover with studio in Castle Street in the 1980s and ran a mobile disco using vinyl records no less.

Worked in various professes until joined South-eastern Railways first as a train guard then as a station manager for 17 years throughout the South East coast finishing up at Faversham.

Have been back in the disco scene for the last 15 years and continue to this day.

I was an avid supporter of the pirate radio ships and now have realised my dream joining the Dover Community Radio station learning more skills and covering the breakfast show 5 days a week Monday to Friday 7 till 9.

Happily married now for 34 years.



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