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BIRO D AKA Brian Walton.

Biro D

Of Hackney where I was hatched, I escaped to Dover and I have been here with Christine over 12 Years. I became a Warner's Green Coat in 1968 in Minster - Isle of Sheppey.

I still enjoy singing and I have sang a few times with local groups.

I also appeared in The Bill and Holby City with some featured parts, I was also in a few films. I worked in Stringfellows Club and I appeared in a number of Pop Videos such as:- McFly - Please, Will Young - Grace, Nickelback - Rockstar.

I was an inventor in Get a Reaction with Flamboyant Bella in which I got the chance to wear my monocle.

I can also drive a London Bus and an Underground Train.

I Love Music from the Fifties up to the Eighties plus a few other times.

Please contact me at, I would like to read any comments. Biro (my pen name)

Biro D Blackout Buddies

I am also now a member of The Blackout Buddies who re-enact Dads Army.

I portray Lance Corporal Jones and the moustache is real.....


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