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Sean Doherty Country Music

Country Music Presenter/Musician/Journalist

I grew up with Country Music, as my father was a professional Country Music artiste.  When I was young it was called cowboy music and then Country and Western.  I was brought up listening to the pirate radio stations who at the time were the only source of country music in the UK.  There was a token offering on the BBC with Country Meets folk and Murray Kash.  It was inevitable that I would develop a love for Country Music. The first Country Album that I bought was an import by Charley Pride "Charley Pride Live".  In those days specialist shops imported LPs from the USA as there was very little available here.  I built my collection with expensive imports and thanks to Mervyn Conn and the International Festival of Country Music the record companies started to release more product and it became easier to get the albums I wanted.  In the early 70s I decided I wanted to learn the "Pedal steel guitar" not an instrument that was popular in the UK and not easily available.  Fortunately Eric Snowball a fellow player had a shop in the Broadway Maidstone selling amongst other things Pedal Steels.  I bought my first steel around 1971 it was a red "Denley" a guitar co designed and built by the great Gordon Huntley.  I then progressed on to ZB Guitars as Eric was the European dealer for them.

It was around this time that I first met Larry Adams who presented a Country Programme on what was Radio Medway and is now Radio Kent.  I ended up working on the show collating and presenting the Country Music what’s on. During my time there I met many artists as Larry had many contacts in the states. One of the highlights was spending a Saturday morning at the studio with Willie Nelson as he was the guest that day. Others who came in included Bobby Bare and Ronnie Profit to name but a few.

After many happy years at the staion I left and went to Invicta Radio the newly opened comercial staion broadcasting from Canterbury.  The studios are now a night club.  I co presented the Country show with "The Dude" and American DJ.

Now I am at this radio staion presenting my own show of music I like and what the people of Whitecliffs  Country like.