Rock Show with Martin Turner

I have been a Radio Presenter since 1978 when I joined the Gateway Hospital Broadcasting Service (Dover & Deal’s Hospital Radio) serving for 20 years.

I have Presented on Radio Boulogne Littoral (FR) . Atlanta Radio (SW 49m band). White Cliffs Sound (Dover). Shepway Sound (Folkestone). Coastline FM (Dover) where I was also Station Admin Manager / Ad Traffic. Radio Seagull (NL), European Klassik Rock, Radio Caroline & Atlantis FM Tenerife. 

Thanks to Mark Stafford I was lucky enough to join European Klassik Rock in August 1997, before the station went on air. Whilst on EKR I was the main Technical Operator of the Rosko Show / Klassik Rock Jukebox before being given a regular evening slot. Very sad day when EKR closed in my show on the 3rd Jan 1999. From the same studios as EKR at Vinters Park Maidstone I presented just two shows on Radio Caroline (on Astra Analogue) just before daughter Kelly was born in March 2000. I gave up my love for Radio - family life, nappy changing & Linda always a priority. Kelly started school in 2004, I contacted Radio Caroline and was luckily invited back. I Presented a regular show on Monday night up to November 2008 When Radio Caroline moved the on-air Studio from Maidstone to Strood. I presented 166 shows totaling over 630 hours on-air for Radio Caroline and was lucky to have made a huge amount of friends and… loved every minute of it. Long live the legend of Radio Caroline.

European Klassik Rock returned to the “airwaves” via  at about the same time Radio Caroline left Maidstone.. I was again lucky to be “at the right place at the right time” and was given a regular shows. And now (March 2016) European Klassik Rock has returned as via East Kent Radio. 

My radio “History” seems to have gone a full circle now Dover Community Radio is on-air & I have been kindly accepted back to real Local Radio. 

Thanks to all on DCR.. 

All my new shows are being uploaded to for replay.

Best regards Martin

If you have any suggestions for tracks please email me :-