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Poets Minstrels and Troubadours

 pmt.jpgGreetings! I'm Mick Capewell and i play Nice Stuff on DCR.  PMT, which stands for Poets Minstrels & Troubadours. Concentrating on the more singer-songwritery artists, Folk, Country, Americana etc etc PMT can be heard on Thursday evenings 8pm-10pm. 2 hours of "Nice Stuff" 


The PMT Show is sponsored by ARCO Training Services. Many thanks to them for their generosity. For more details go to

Mick Capewell

First appearance in life - Burton on Trent in Staffordshire, i won't say the year but Elvis was at #1

First appearance on Radio - 1980 on a British Forces Radio panel game in West Berlin. This led to a hankering for more (and everyone likes a good hanker), so when in Belize during 1981-82 worked for BFBS in the tin hut that was laughingly called a "studio". At least it was air-conditioned! Vinyl transcription discs and reel to reel tapes...those were the days...(of tearing out hair and mucho swearing). Used to do 10 hour over-night shows, go to work in the morning and sleep in afternoons when it was too hot and humid to do anything!

First single - Ragtime Cowboy Joe by The Chipmunks...("Alvin! Will you put that gun down and get back here and sing!!!"). After that I bought hundreds of 45s with my pocket money...everything from Merseybeat to Glam.

First album - a cheapo Music For Pleasure compilation of hits by The Move, titled "Fire Brigade". The week after i bought "Slayed" by Slade...then Led Zeppelin II. That was the point of no return really....i dread to think how much money i spent on music over the past 40-plus years.

Further Broadcasting - Five years in Herne Bay...Rock Shows, Psychedelic Shows, Roots Shows, Soul Shows, Gig Guide shows, live acoustic session shows with local artists etc etc Playlists are on my website (link below) Not sure if download links still work but if you'd like to hear any of the old shows, or indeed if you have any requests or comments about current shows, just contact me at 

Hobbies - Breathing eating, sleeping, eating, collecting old music mags, eating, Biggles books, Jennings books, old recordings of Pirate Radio (moaning about rather than playing), quizzes and sky-diving. I lied about one of those.

Likes - good music, nostalgia, cider, nice people, countryside, tranquility, old things, enthusiasm, punctuality etc

Dislikes - bad music, shell fish (to eat...nothing against them personally), the cult of celebrity, politics, backstabbing, organised religion, change for change's sake, being late etc

Ambition - to have people enjoy my shows on DCR and to get very old indeed.

Website -

There's an RCG page on Facebook too and also a PMT page, just search for Rose Coloured Glasses or PMT Show and you should soon find them.

Thank you very much indeed...