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Hi, I’m Jacque Frances or PB (Posh Bird) as they call me here at the station. I’m a real lover of all sorts of music and write from time to time…
I came to Dover Community Radio after some studies at the New York Film Academy (Screen Writing) and Berklee Music School (Film Scoring). I was looking for a creative outlet and hey presto found the team here. I love it!

I’m a bit of a bookie and love to read. At present I’m into Impressionism - I do a little digital art from time to time (that’s a piece below). To that end, I was fortunate enough to be able to study at Oxford University which offers some great accredited short courses...I highly recommend them, if you have a butterfly mind like mine. I’ve done three so far and they are fab!

In my spare time I love to sail, and write children’s adventure stories, my first book is due out shortly, under a possible pseudonym… I haven’t made my mind up yet…so watch this space - all DCR listeners have exclusive rights on that one!

I have one claim to fame; I was a Double Bronze medallist at the Master Kata World Championships. However, there were only a few competitors there in those days…so I’m not sure if it’s much of a claim…anyway…at least I turned up!

My motto (if there is such a thing), is: be happy and try to be kind.


Home is where the HEART is