The Sunday Show with Bob Morley

Good music, well played.  Triple treat every week.  I only play music you can listen to and have not heard for a long time, just a good bit of fun!

Bob Morley

Morning, my name is Bob Morley and I am a presenter on DCR.  My profile is a a story in itself, so I will begin - I was born in London but raised in South Africa, so I could speak Afrikaans better than English - not any more though.

I returned to England as a teenager and beccame involved in a Monday night club at what was Cecil Rhodes birth place, I assisted there and one night the DJ never arrived, so I was pushed on stage in his place.  That first gig was with David Jacobs and went well, I was asked to become the resident DJ supporting other guest DJs from the pirate radio stations.  Tony Blackburn, Ed Stewart and Keith Skues etc.  Also MC on other occasions with top live artistes too numerous to mention really. 

I became a traveling (mobile) DJ and secured residencies in London and the West end to alot of success.  During this time I became friends with Mickie Most, Johnathan King and worked with a host of household names groups and singers.  People like Suzi Quatro, Hot Chocolate and DDMB + T, Ben E King, Episode Six etc.  Duing this time I worked on several hospital radio stations in London and Hertfordshire with Tommy Jance and Simon Baits etc.  This career lasted for about fourty years, during that time I had an interest and hobby with RHDR until I left the DJ scene for a full time job on the railway in the early 90's.

Until one Sunday I was asked to "Audition" for DCR which went well so here I am presenting the Sunday show.

Keep tuned in!